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Henny is Stuck by Aileen Crossley, published by Little Door Books

They say good things come in small packages and that couldn’t be any truer than in the case of Henny the baby chick. Aileen Crossley’s adorable debut picture book is a cracking story of coming out of one’s shell, being true to yourself and living your best life. Henny the baby chick is STUCK. HerContinue reading “Henny is Stuck by Aileen Crossley, published by Little Door Books”

Zo and the Forest of Secrets by Alake Pilgrim, Published by Knights Of.

‘A Story don’t start where we tell it you know…’ Perfect for fans of Fireborn, The Crooked Oak Mysteries and Dreadwood, Alake Pilgrim weaves an intricate web of mutant creatures, fantastical gifts, folklore, friendship and adventure. This felt like Christopher Edge meets the Caribbean and as with Escape Room, there was many a moment inContinue reading “Zo and the Forest of Secrets by Alake Pilgrim, Published by Knights Of.”

The Insiders by Cath Howe – published by Nosy Crow

Secrets, lies, promises. Sometimes keeping things inside is dangerous… I think we can all recall times when friendships became strained at school and the awkwardness and pain of trying to get back on track with our besties. As a teacher I have witnessed children grappling many a time with the nuances of friendship groups andContinue reading “The Insiders by Cath Howe – published by Nosy Crow”

When the War Came Home

Lesley Parr Although we haven’t yet waved goodbye to 2021, I think I may have found one of my favourite books of 2022! Although technically I read it this year, the official publication date for When the War Came Home is the 6th January 2022 (I was lucky to pick up a copy a fewContinue reading “When the War Came Home”

How to be a Human

Karen McCombie Wes drummed his fingers on his lap, tapped his foot on the floor and couldn’t stop grinning. This was THE most astounding thing that had ever happened to him in his entire, not-very-astounding life so far. He was sitting at the front of the top deck on a number 32 bus on theContinue reading “How to be a Human”

The Small Things

Lisa Thompson The small things in life shine brightest as Lisa Thompson returns with an uplifting story of honesty and friendship, inspired by a very special robot. At school, Anna’s been given a special task to partner up with the new girl Ellie. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. Ellie can’t come toContinue reading “The Small Things”

The Perfect Fit

Naomi Jones & James Jones Oxford Children’s Books Bright, bold and brimming with fun, The Perfect Fit is a bouncy story of belonging and being yourself. It’s shaping-up to be a sensational picture book debut by husband and wife team Naomi and James Jones. Triangle doesn’t roll like the circles… or stack like the squares.Continue reading “The Perfect Fit”

Shipwreck Island

Struan Murray Puffin Books – published 4th March 2021 Friendship, dark secrets and malevolent forces, Struan Murray has delivered another fast-paced and thrilling adventure that will have you gripped from from cover to cover. Orphans of the Tide was without a doubt, one of my standout favourite books of 2020 and this phenomenal sequel didContinue reading “Shipwreck Island”

Stick Boy

Words & pictures by Paul Coomey “If you’re lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change” Taylor Swift A super-funny, super heart-warming story of falling to pieces and sticking yourself back together. Stick is different. He ‘sticks out.’ The son of Mr and Mrs Boy, he’s literally a Stick Boy in a 3d world. WeContinue reading “Stick Boy”

Otters’ Moon

Susanna Bailey Egmont Books – Published 29th October 2020 ‘Sometimes you can find a friend in the loneliest of places’ Luke is in a truly lonely place. His mum has packed them off to spend the summer holidays on a remote Scottish Island where the locals are anything but friendly. His dad has left andContinue reading “Otters’ Moon”