How to be a Human

Karen McCombie Wes drummed his fingers on his lap, tapped his foot on the floor and couldn’t stop grinning. This was THE most astounding thing that had ever happened to him in his entire, not-very-astounding life so far. He was sitting at the front of the top deck on a number 32 bus on theContinue reading “How to be a Human”

One Button Benny & the Gigantic Catastrophe

Written by Alan Windram & Illustrated by Chloe-Holwill-Hunter Published by Little Door Books – 7th August 2020 Disaster strikes! Everyone is in a panic. Can Benny Save the day? Will he have to press his Big Bright Red Button again? In the second book in the series, One Button Benny is forced to go onContinue reading “One Button Benny & the Gigantic Catastrophe”

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