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Henny is Stuck by Aileen Crossley, published by Little Door Books

They say good things come in small packages and that couldn’t be any truer than in the case of Henny the baby chick. Aileen Crossley’s adorable debut picture book is a cracking story of coming out of one’s shell, being true to yourself and living your best life.

Henny the baby chick is STUCK.

Her tiny legs peep out. Her tiny wings peep out.

But Henny is most definitely STUCK.

How will she ever get out?

Not only is Henny stuck in her shell (a common predicament for baby chicks!) but she’s stuck in a mindset that she’s different. Henny’s animal friends try to help, and chip away at her with kindness and practical solutions such as pecking her out of her shell. Sadly nothing works but when the chicks find themselves stuck in the clutches of a scary fox, it’s Henny’s own bravery that helps her break out and realise her inner strength and self-worth.

We all get a bit STUCK sometimes but good egg Henny is a reminder that you are enough. “No-one can do you, better than you!”

I can’t wait to introduce Henny to my Reception class in the run up to Easter. Teaching children to be true, happy and proud of themselves is so important so that they can be carefree like Henny too!

Henny is Stuck is published by Little Door Books on the 13th March.

With thanks to Little Door Books for the opportunity to review this gorgeous little book and inviting me to be part of the blog tour!


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