What’s in your Heart Today?

Written by Louise Bladen Illustrated by Angela Perrini Listen to your heart, what does it say? Are there secret cares dancing a twirly ballet? Are they warm and kind like a big happy bubble…or heavy and sad and in need of a cuddle? This lovely book is a wonderful window into our hearts and minds.Continue reading “What’s in your Heart Today?”

Sir Lambalot

Jude Lennon Illustrated by Holly Bushnell The Knightiest Knight you’ll ever find! Sir Lambalot is a terrific twist on all those well-loved traditional tales – giants, trolls & dragons are seriously misunderstood don’t you know! We’re all led to believe they’re fierce and no good, but in actual fact, these lonely creatures just want friendsContinue reading “Sir Lambalot”

Stop That Dinosaur!

Alex English & Ben Cort Bloomsbury Children’s Books – published 4th March 2021 A rib-tickling, ROAR-SOME rhyming book! Oh my! A dino’s at the door.And now it’s taken Granny… STOP THAT DINOSAUR! Children will love galloping through the pages after a Gran-napping Brontosaurus in this ROAR-SOME romp. The raucous repeated refrains make for a wonderfullyContinue reading “Stop That Dinosaur!”

Rooso Takes To The Sky

Moira & Louis Benoit Print Beaurea – Hebden Bridge Did you know…the 1st hot air balloon passengers were animals? Or that the balloon was powered with the fuel of 97 pairs of burning shoes! Rooso Takes to the Sky tells the intruiging story of the Montgolfier brothers and the first hot air balloon flight atContinue reading “Rooso Takes To The Sky”


Inside My Heart & In My Head Libby Waldron & Richard Jones Published by Little Tiger – 7th January 2021 This is such a stunningly beautiful book! Feelings – Inside My Heart & In My Head walks young children through the different common emotions we all experience. Each feeling is depicted in a captivating image,Continue reading “Feelings”

This Love

‘It doesn’t matter who we are,Join hands & stand up tall. Love is a special languageThat’s understood by all.’ I am literally in love with this gorgeous book! This Love is a celebration of harmony around the world. It shows children that it doesn’t matter who you are, or where you’re from, love is aContinue reading “This Love”

Love Makes a Family

Sophie Beer Published by Little Tiger – 7th January 2021 ‘Whether you have two mums, two dads, one parent or one of each, there’s one thing that makes a family… and that’s LOVE’ Love is all around us in the ordinary magic of everyday family life. It’s those special moments we so often take forContinue reading “Love Makes a Family”

The Girl Who Stole the Stars

Corrina Campbell Little Door Books – Published 8th October 2020 A heart-warming story for the festive period where little eyes and hearts sparkle with anticipation and the magic of Christmas. The Girl Who Stole the Stars is a magical tale of a Little Girl who longs for a star of her very own. When SantaContinue reading “The Girl Who Stole the Stars”

Snow Ghost

Written by Tony Mitton & Illustratd by Diana Mayo Published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books – 1st October 2020 “Snow Ghost came shimmering out of the air, searching for somewhere to settle but where?” Beautifully wintry rhyming couplets flow so smoothly, that the words seem to float, drift and glide like gentle snowfall. Snow Ghost isContinue reading “Snow Ghost”

Rupert’s Snowman

Written by Phillipa Warden & Illustrated by Grace Ward Kat Biggie Press – 15th September 2020 15 weeks to Christmas! Rupert’s Snowman, publishing this coming week is the first in a number of new Christmas releases soon to be joining festive book collections. A snow day is a most rare and magical experience for aContinue reading “Rupert’s Snowman”

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