Scaredy Bat

Jonathan Meres Illustrated by Anders Frang Swooping onto bookshelves this very day is the story of a super-sweet little bat and his struggle to conquer his fear of the light. Teased by his two older siblings, he finds the to courage to leave the hollow, venturing out into the Dark, Dark Wood and proving toContinue reading “Scaredy Bat”

My Summer with Grandad

Tom Tinn-Disbury A story of a little boy, love and letting go. The old saying goes, ‘if you love something, set it free’ and this touching book tells of this with such tenderness and warmth. Eric loves spending summers with grandad. This summer is even more special because Grandad gives Eric a very important jobContinue reading “My Summer with Grandad”

Madam Squeaker

Pip Jones Illustrated by Paula Bowles A charming tale of finding your voice and being heard, no matter how small your squeak. Crumbs on the counter, morsels on the floor…there should be plenty of food for all the creatures of Hollyhock House to eat. But the Ruling Rats are running rampage every night, taking theContinue reading “Madam Squeaker”

Funny Bums, Freaky Beaks & other incredible Creature Features

Alex Morris & Sean Taylor Illustrated by Sarah Edmonds Welbeck Publishing – Published 4th March 2021 Why blend in when you were born to stand out? Funny, freaky, puzzling & peculiar! Funny Bums, Freaky Beaks celebrates the most unusual and unexpected features of the animal kingdom. But their weird features have amazing stories…these incredible creatureContinue reading “Funny Bums, Freaky Beaks & other incredible Creature Features”

Rooso Takes To The Sky

Moira & Louis Benoit Print Beaurea – Hebden Bridge Did you know…the 1st hot air balloon passengers were animals? Or that the balloon was powered with the fuel of 97 pairs of burning shoes! Rooso Takes to the Sky tells the intruiging story of the Montgolfier brothers and the first hot air balloon flight atContinue reading “Rooso Takes To The Sky”

Swan Song

Gill Lewis Barrington Stoke – published 4th February 2021 There couldn’t be a more perfect book to bring Children’s Mental Health Week to a close. Swan Song is a profoundly moving story of child and adolescent mental health and the healing power of nature. ‘Dylan is struggling. Since he started grammar school, everything has becomeContinue reading “Swan Song”

Otters’ Moon

Susanna Bailey Egmont Books – Published 29th October 2020 ‘Sometimes you can find a friend in the loneliest of places’ Luke is in a truly lonely place. His mum has packed them off to spend the summer holidays on a remote Scottish Island where the locals are anything but friendly. His dad has left andContinue reading “Otters’ Moon”

The Good Bear

Sarah Lean Published by Simon & Schuster UK Children’s – 15th October 2020 A cosy Christmas read to cuddle up with as lights twinkle. It’s the Christmas holidays and Thea is looking forward to spending them with her father. She can tell him all about her plans to become a writer, and maybe he’ll buyContinue reading “The Good Bear”

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