The Perfect Fit

Naomi Jones & James Jones

Oxford Children’s Books

Bright, bold and brimming with fun, The Perfect Fit is a bouncy story of belonging and being yourself. It’s shaping-up to be a sensational picture book debut by husband and wife team Naomi and James Jones.

Triangle doesn’t roll like the circles…

or stack like the squares.

So she sets off the find some friends who are exactly like her. But when she finds the other triangles, there’s something missing.

Will triangle ever find a place where she truly belongs?

It’s a shape hunt like no other! A charming and playful story about a young triangle trying to find her place in the world.

Not only does it celebrate the joy of geometry, there are important messages about diversity and staying true to yourself, told in the gentlest of ways. Triangle and her shape gang present a marvellous opportunity to learn some early maths through play and this is cleverly combined with exploring the themes of kindness and frienship in the most imaginative of ways.

Naomi Jones shaped the story around her 3 year old son struggling to fit in at nursery and because of this, the characters have such a believable quality. For me, we see triangle embark on the journey that all young children go through in different stages of their development; from playing alongside others in their own little world, trying to find a way into others’ games to gradually progressing to socialising with a broader mix of peers and ultimately finding those special friendships.

There’s so much fun to be had during and after reading the book and triangle and her friends have learning about shapes sorted!

Here are some Perfect play ideas:

• Provide shape cutters and playdough for children to explore – add some scent or glitter to the playdough for extra appeal. Googly eyes, buttons and pipe-cleaners can be added to bring the characters from the book to life.

• Go on a shape hunt! Search for shapes around the home, garden or setting.

• Print with shapes – can you make a repeating pattern?

• Make a shape feely bag – can you guess the shapes just by touch alone? Can you describe the shape you’re feeling to your friends and grown-ups?

• Use translucent shapes on a light panel or tissue paper shapes on a window- can you arrange them to make a kite? A boat? A flower? A see-saw? Look in the book for more ideas.

• Using lolly sticks and coloured card make stick puppets of the characters – can you act out the story or make up one of your own?

• Explore tesselation through the shapes in the story – which shapes fit together? (tesselate) Which don’t? Can you explain why using some mathematical language (e.g. curved, straight, corners, edges etc) Extend to other 2d shapes.

• Tap a Shape has always been a personal favourite shape activity – the children adore the mini hanmers and it’s great for developing hand-eye co-ordination.

The playful possibilities are endless!

I’m thrilled I discovered The Perfect Fit. Noami and James have penned a pitch-perfect tale for pre-schoolers and I’m sure it will fast become a firm favourite with parents and Early Years Professionals.

With thanks to Oxford Children’s Books and Liz Scot PR for our review copy.

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