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Henny is Stuck by Aileen Crossley, published by Little Door Books

They say good things come in small packages and that couldn’t be any truer than in the case of Henny the baby chick. Aileen Crossley’s adorable debut picture book is a cracking story of coming out of one’s shell, being true to yourself and living your best life. Henny the baby chick is STUCK. HerContinue reading “Henny is Stuck by Aileen Crossley, published by Little Door Books”

The Boy Who Rescued a Rainbow by Corrina Campbell, Published by Little Door Books

The Girl Who Stole the Stars became an instant hit in my Reception classroom so I was thrilled to learn that Corrina Campbell had penned a perfect companion; The Boy Who Rescued a Rainbow. What does it mean to be strong, brave and fearless? When a little boy finds a broken rainbow lying on theContinue reading “The Boy Who Rescued a Rainbow by Corrina Campbell, Published by Little Door Books”

Happy Sad by Pippa Goodhart, illustrated by Augusta Kirkwood – published by Little Door Books

Can you be happy and sad at the same time? Fans of Bog Baby will love this absolutely gorgeous picture book, which explores the themes of friendship, love and letting go. I’m sure adults and children alike will identify with the bittersweet feeling of being ‘Happy Sad.‘ Pippa Goodhart’s soothing story flows like gentle wavesContinue reading “Happy Sad by Pippa Goodhart, illustrated by Augusta Kirkwood – published by Little Door Books”

Thank You for the Little Things by Caryl Hart, Illustrated by Emily Hamilton.

Whenever I am feeling sad Or life feels hard or wrong or bad, I focus for a little while On LITTLE THINGS that make me smile… With war raging in Ukraine and a pandemic bubbling away in the background, the world feels a frightening and overwhelming place. With rising fuel and energy costs, families areContinue reading “Thank You for the Little Things by Caryl Hart, Illustrated by Emily Hamilton.”

Scaredy Bat

Jonathan Meres Illustrated by Anders Frang Swooping onto bookshelves this very day is the story of a super-sweet little bat and his struggle to conquer his fear of the light. Teased by his two older siblings, he finds the to courage to leave the hollow, venturing out into the Dark, Dark Wood and proving toContinue reading “Scaredy Bat”

What’s in your Heart Today?

Written by Louise Bladen Illustrated by Angela Perrini Listen to your heart, what does it say? Are there secret cares dancing a twirly ballet? Are they warm and kind like a big happy bubble…or heavy and sad and in need of a cuddle? This lovely book is a wonderful window into our hearts and minds.Continue reading “What’s in your Heart Today?”

Pinkie & Boo

Chae Strathie Illustrated by Francis Martin A fabulously funny story about a feisty little girl, her toy monkey and the mischievous adventures they get up to. There’s chaos, mess and whole load of love to look forward to. Pinkie loves being the smallest in her family, but the arrival of a baby means everything isContinue reading “Pinkie & Boo”

Sir Lambalot

Jude Lennon Illustrated by Holly Bushnell The Knightiest Knight you’ll ever find! Sir Lambalot is a terrific twist on all those well-loved traditional tales – giants, trolls & dragons are seriously misunderstood don’t you know! We’re all led to believe they’re fierce and no good, but in actual fact, these lonely creatures just want friendsContinue reading “Sir Lambalot”

My Summer with Grandad

Tom Tinn-Disbury A story of a little boy, love and letting go. The old saying goes, ‘if you love something, set it free’ and this touching book tells of this with such tenderness and warmth. Eric loves spending summers with grandad. This summer is even more special because Grandad gives Eric a very important jobContinue reading “My Summer with Grandad”

Stop That Dinosaur!

Alex English & Ben Cort Bloomsbury Children’s Books – published 4th March 2021 A rib-tickling, ROAR-SOME rhyming book! Oh my! A dino’s at the door.And now it’s taken Granny… STOP THAT DINOSAUR! Children will love galloping through the pages after a Gran-napping Brontosaurus in this ROAR-SOME romp. The raucous repeated refrains make for a wonderfullyContinue reading “Stop That Dinosaur!”