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Madam Squeaker

Pip Jones Illustrated by Paula Bowles A charming tale of finding your voice and being heard, no matter how small your squeak. Crumbs on the counter, morsels on the floor…there should be plenty of food for all the creatures of Hollyhock House to eat. But the Ruling Rats are running rampage every night, taking theContinue reading “Madam Squeaker”

Maverick Chapter Readers

Maverick Publishing – November 2020 November is here which can only mean one thing…the new series of Maverick Chapter Readers has arrived! Six stupendous new titles spanning Lime, Brown and Grey book-bands are sliding onto the shelves ready to engage and enthuse children about to take those next steps to independence in reading chapter books.Continue reading “Maverick Chapter Readers”

Theodora Hendrix & The Monstrous League of Monsters

Written by Jordan Kopy & Illustrated by Chris Jevons It’s just shy of midnight on Halloween and in an unmarked grave in an abandoned cemetery, a tiny human, swaddled in blankets is wailing like a banshee. A zombie named George Hendrix claws his way out of the earth and he and his best friend Bandit,Continue reading “Theodora Hendrix & The Monstrous League of Monsters”

Midnight Magic

Written by Michelle Harrison & Illustrated by Elissa Elwick Published by Little Tiger – 1st October 2020 Hubble bubble, this cat’s trouble! Halloween is on the horizon and flying (on a broomstick) to a bookshop near you is Midnight, a magical black cat. This is a purrrrrr-fectly poetic non-scary, rhyming read for 5-8 year olds.Continue reading “Midnight Magic”