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Monster Max & The Marmalade Ghost

Robin Bennett Illustrated by Tom Tinn-Disbury My son’s most anticipated book of 2022! We have been counting down the days until the unleashing of the second book in this marvellous series. It’s been a year since my now 9 year old was introduced to the totally ROAR-SOME world of Monster Max and I can honestlyContinue reading “Monster Max & The Marmalade Ghost”

Theodora Hendrix & the Curious Case of the Cursed Beetle

Jordan Kopy Illustrated by Chris Jevons I’ve been so looking forward to the second book in this series! Think Amelia Fang meets The Addams Family with a little bit of The Munsters mixed in for good measure. Spooky season is just around the corner and Theodora Hendrix and her gang of monsters are readying upContinue reading “Theodora Hendrix & the Curious Case of the Cursed Beetle”

Funny Bums, Freaky Beaks & other incredible Creature Features

Alex Morris & Sean Taylor Illustrated by Sarah Edmonds Welbeck Publishing – Published 4th March 2021 Why blend in when you were born to stand out? Funny, freaky, puzzling & peculiar! Funny Bums, Freaky Beaks celebrates the most unusual and unexpected features of the animal kingdom. But their weird features have amazing stories…these incredible creatureContinue reading “Funny Bums, Freaky Beaks & other incredible Creature Features”

Albert Johnson and the Buns of Steel

Phil Earle Published by Barrington Stoke – 7th January 2021 This Little Gem of a book by Phil Earle proves that life really is what you ‘bake’ of it. My 8yr old son absolutely loved this book – sport and baked-goods are a winning combination where he is concerned! He said the characters and storyContinue reading “Albert Johnson and the Buns of Steel”

Theodora Hendrix & The Monstrous League of Monsters

Written by Jordan Kopy & Illustrated by Chris Jevons It’s just shy of midnight on Halloween and in an unmarked grave in an abandoned cemetery, a tiny human, swaddled in blankets is wailing like a banshee. A zombie named George Hendrix claws his way out of the earth and he and his best friend Bandit,Continue reading “Theodora Hendrix & The Monstrous League of Monsters”

Midnight Magic

Written by Michelle Harrison & Illustrated by Elissa Elwick Published by Little Tiger – 1st October 2020 Hubble bubble, this cat’s trouble! Halloween is on the horizon and flying (on a broomstick) to a bookshop near you is Midnight, a magical black cat. This is a purrrrrr-fectly poetic non-scary, rhyming read for 5-8 year olds.Continue reading “Midnight Magic”