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Madam Squeaker

Pip Jones

Illustrated by Paula Bowles

A charming tale of finding your voice and being heard, no matter how small your squeak.

Crumbs on the counter, morsels on the floor…there should be plenty of food for all the creatures of Hollyhock House to eat. But the Ruling Rats are running rampage every night, taking the best of everything for themselves.

Minetta the mouse has decided enough is enough – it’s time those rats learned to share. But Minetta is so small and her voice is but a squeak. How will she ever make them listen…?

It’s a game of rat and mouse as Minetta and fieldmouse friend Tan try to outwit Bandit and his band of rotten ratbag accomplices. After some sage advice from a wise old Owl, Minetta decides the days of being as quiet as a mouse are over.

Armed with a make-shift megaphone made from a broken teacup and an army of animal friends, Minetta storms the layabouts’ lair in the loft to break up the mischief of rats. Scared as she might be, this is no time to be timid. With the support and encouragement of her animal friends, she finds courage (and her voice!) and squeaks her way to securing a fairer future for all at Hollyhock House.

This small and mighty mouse stands her ground with bravery and boldness and encourages her young readers to do the same.

Barrington Stoke bring together the best children’s authors and illustrators and The Little Gems collection have a super readable, super supportive layout for new readers – they’re perfect for children in Key Stage 1 or Lower Key Stage 2. The activities hiding inside the book jacket keep the fun alive after reading.

With thanks to Barrington Stoke for my review copy.

To read the first chapter of Madame Squeaker click here

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