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Funny Bums, Freaky Beaks & other incredible Creature Features

Alex Morris & Sean Taylor

Illustrated by Sarah Edmonds

Welbeck Publishing – Published 4th March 2021

Why blend in when you were born to stand out?

Funny, freaky, puzzling & peculiar!

Funny Bums, Freaky Beaks celebrates the most unusual and unexpected features of the animal kingdom. But their weird features have amazing stories…these incredible creature features are there for good reasons and often suprising ones.

My 8 year old non-fiction fanatic absolutely loved this book as soon as he laid eyes on it – the title instantly engaged him (cannot think why that was!)

Sarah Edmonds’ illustrations are absolutely stunning, an absolute feast for the eyes. I could while away hours wandering the pages & allowing myself to be captivated by these curious creatures. And the writing style is so engaging – I mean which child doesn’t want to read about animals who have remarkably clever rear ends!

Did you know, the Fitzroy river turtle can breathe with its bum!? It sucks water into it’s back end, then absorbs the oxygen from it. This means it can stay underwater for weeks at a time!

And Mantees can move around underwater by farting! They store up gas to make themselves float or get rid of it to make themselves sink.

But it’s not all bums and beaks, this book is brimming with fascinating facts about weird ears, extraordinary eyes, perplexing necks and terrific teeth – there’s so much to learn! It’s a treasure chest of the most interesting creatures on planet earth – a book I’m sure will be a firm favourite for young animal lovers. I know it’s a book we will be returning to again and again.

With thanks to @welbeckpublish for our review copy.

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