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Dread Wood by Jennifer Killick, Published by Farshore Books.

Detention has never been so deadly… Quite rightly dubbed the queen of Middle Grade horror, Jennifer Killick brings us her newest hair-raising adventure Dread Wood and it could be her best yet. Think Eight Legged Freaks meets Tremors, it’s Goosebumps with a fresh new feel for the tweens of today. Creepy caretakers, eeerie school grounds,Continue reading “Dread Wood by Jennifer Killick, Published by Farshore Books.”

The Bird Singers

Eve Wersocki Morris The birds were watching them. The girl could sense their small, bright eyes tracking their every step… This was a deliciously dark, utterly gripping debut brimming with folklore, a thrilling mystery and dash of horror. The Bird Singers is perfect for fans of recently released Fledgling and Aveline Jones – there’s creepyContinue reading “The Bird Singers”

Small Spaces

Catherine Arden To kick off half term and get in the mood for Halloween, I decided I wanted a scare-fest. So I treated myself to a creepy read that’s been on my radar for over a year now and boy was it worth the wait! My word, how I adore this deliciously spooky book! IContinue reading “Small Spaces”


Chris Priestley To say I’ve been highly anticipating the release of Freeze is an understatement. I was recommended Chris’s previous Barrington Stoke novella Seven Ghosts on Twitter and I can honestly say it’s one of the best, most genuinely spooky set of ‘stories within a story’ I’ve ever read. So when I was emailed theContinue reading “Freeze”

Theodora Hendrix & the Curious Case of the Cursed Beetle

Jordan Kopy Illustrated by Chris Jevons I’ve been so looking forward to the second book in this series! Think Amelia Fang meets The Addams Family with a little bit of The Munsters mixed in for good measure. Spooky season is just around the corner and Theodora Hendrix and her gang of monsters are readying upContinue reading “Theodora Hendrix & the Curious Case of the Cursed Beetle”

Theodora Hendrix & The Monstrous League of Monsters

Written by Jordan Kopy & Illustrated by Chris Jevons It’s just shy of midnight on Halloween and in an unmarked grave in an abandoned cemetery, a tiny human, swaddled in blankets is wailing like a banshee. A zombie named George Hendrix claws his way out of the earth and he and his best friend Bandit,Continue reading “Theodora Hendrix & The Monstrous League of Monsters”


Fairytales Gone Bad Written by Joseph Coelho & Illustrated by Freya Hartas Published by Walker books – 3rd September 2020 Zombierella is the first in a deliciously dark, three part series of twisted classics. I gasped, grimaced and gagged my way through the rotten tale of Zombierella and when I wasn’t doing one of theContinue reading “Zombierella:”