Climate Action

Written by Georgina Stevens

Illustrated by Katie Rewse

Little Tiger Books – Published 4th March 2021

Our planet needs us and we need our planet

For me this is THE non-fiction book of the year!

Climate Action should be on every young person’s bookshelves (and I absolutely implore the grown-ups to read it too!)

A powerful, thought-proking and vitally important book – it’s about changing the world for the better and knowing we all have the power to make a real difference.

‘Mother nature continues to send us warning signals that we need to treat our world better, but we need to start viewing the climate crisis as a climate emergency’ says celebrated environmentalist and climate activist Elizabeth Wathuti in the Foreword.

Through stunningly beautiful illustrations and striking page layouts we learn about the cause and effects of climate change and how our lifestyle choices impact upon it –  a sobering read for most adults!

On each page we’re introduced to inspirational young change-makers from all over the world, showing you’re never too young to make an impact. Georgina Stevens speaks directly to her young audience, offering practical and achievable actions  in the ‘What can we do?’ sections of each page…

Did you know you can use the Literati App to geotag the litter you find on the beach? It alerts companies to which of their items end up in the seas. small changes can make a huge difference.

Did you know when we launder synthetic clothes, plastic fibres wash down the drain, into the sea and are eaten by fish? One top alone can shed 1,900 microfibres. Why not use a special laundry bag to catch plastic microfibre from synthetic clothes in the washing machine.

Climate Action will leave you inspired, energised, optimistic and determined to stand up for our planet. It’s a book I will return to again and again. And that’s not all…

One tree will be planted for every copy of Climate Action sold in the UK

So come on, let’s all be the change we want to see!

With thanks to Little Tiger Books for our review copy.

Click below for purchase links: Here

Waterstones Here

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