The Boy Who Rescued a Rainbow by Corrina Campbell, Published by Little Door Books

The Girl Who Stole the Stars became an instant hit in my Reception classroom so I was thrilled to learn that Corrina Campbell had penned a perfect companion; The Boy Who Rescued a Rainbow.

What does it mean to be strong, brave and fearless?

When a little boy finds a broken rainbow lying on the ground he decides to take it home and look after it. The little boy loves the rainbow but when it eventually disappears, he finds out what it really means to be strong, brave and fearless. What follows is a magical adventure exploring one boy’s journey through love and loss.

Corrina’s signature style is instantly recognisable in her bold illustrations; wax crayon combined with the most strikingly beautiful colour washes make each page irresistible to the eye.

I always find it fascinating to discover the story behind a story and how an author arrives at the book we hold in our hands. Listening to Corrina talk gave me a greater understanding of the how different stages of grief are portrayed in this gentle story. We see the little boy experience denial, anger, sadness, depression and finally reach acceptance when he realises he will always have happy memories of the time he and his rainbow spent together. Click the link below to hear more about the inspiration behind the story.

The little boy’s beloved dog is on the journey with him every step of the way and offers reassurance and advice such as ‘it’s ok to cry’ and ‘we all feel sad sometimes’ teaching children that we don’t have to suppress our emotions or hide our feelings. It’s so important that we validate the feelings that children are experiencing.

As well as being a talented author and illustrator, Corinna is a also a teacher and this shines through in how perfectly pitched her books are for teaching emotional literacy to young children. This is such a hopeful little book that delivers important messages in the gentlest, most age appropriate of ways.

So finally, who better to hear the story from than Corinna herself. Listen to The Boy Who rescued a Rainbow below and have a peek at the gorgeous illustrations.

With thanks to Little Door Books for inviting me to be part of the blog tour.

Click on the cover to read my review of The Girl Who Stole the Stars

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