Her Dark Wings by Melinda Salisbury, published by David Fickling Books.

Heddy, intoxicating, intense and totally unputdownable, this is Young Adult fiction at it’s very best!

Melinda Salisbury has reimagined the Persephone Myth and infused it with contemporary romance in the most thrilling and compulsive of ways. Heartbreak, hatred, jealousy and obsession combine with Ancient Greek lore, resulting in a deliciously dark, highly addictive read. Greek Gods, forbidden fruit, love, lust and malevolent mythical creatures draw us deep into the Underworld and stir the darkness within.

Seventeen year old Corey lives on a small unamed island. It could be in the middle of the Aegean Sea or one of the Shetland Isles but the islanders practise Ancient Greek customs.

Corey and Bree have been best friends for forever and Corey thinks their friendship is unbreakable. But when her boyfriend Ali breaks up with her and then Bree won’t return any of her calls, it becomes clear that Bree has betrayed her in the worst possible way.

On the night of the Island’s annual Thesmophoria festival, Corey knows she is bound to run into her exes. As she stands awkwardly on the edges wondering whether to stay or go, a beautiful boy wearing a hammered copper mask and golden lips takes her hand and pulls her into the crowd. The pair share a passionate kiss and when Corey looks up into the boy’s eyes it’s as if he knows exactly what she is thinking…

Just as the kiss is over, Corey spots them; cosying-up together, flaunting their relationship in her face. In that moment the hatred she feels for Bree consumes her and she wishes her dead. For a moment she’d forgotten about her and Ali and been happy, but the second she saw them all the anger hurt and humiliation came rushing back. And so she sends a cursed dart from her mind straight to Bree’s chest and wishes she’ll be dragged to the Underworld and left there to rot. The boy says something Corey doesn’t quite catch, too preoccupied with her hate, then the music ends and he disappears into the crowd, giving a funny little bow like a character from a play. Not long after, Bree is found dead – face down in the lake.

Corey cannot reconcile her grief and emptiness with the feelings of bitterness and pure hatred she still harbours for her dead not-friend. But on her Grecian island, the boundaries between the mortal and immortal realms are blurred. Corey is called to the Underworld by an arrogant and unyeilding God who traps her there. She is forced to witness the desolate space that exists between life and death where there is no day, no night, no flowers or trees. She observes the poor souls trapped in purgatory, forced to pay for their crimes by the terrifying winged creatures called ‘Furies’ so that justice may finally be served on them in the afterlife. It’s horrific and heart-wrenching but secretly Corey is hoping there is one soul she will get see to serve retribution.

The longer Corey spends there, the more she learns about herself and her own power stirs. Can she resist the darkness within her or will love blossom and life bloom in the most unlikliest of places…?

I cannot stop thinking about this novel! Hermes, Hades, the Furies and the intense teen relationships completely got under my skin and l’ve re-read the final chapter several times already as the ending is so utterly perfect. Salisbury has researched Ancient Greek Mythology and customs meticulously and I enjoyed reawakening my own knowledge of Greek Gods and Goddesses.

I relish interspersing my mainly Middle Grade reading with the occasional compulsive Young Adult novel. My regular followers looking for recommendations for Primary School pupils need to know that Her Dark Wings is definitely aimed at older teens due to the language and adult content. I highly recommend it anyone aged 16 upwards – unmissable summer reading!

Her Dark Wings is out on the 7th July, published by David Fickling Books.

With thanks to Liz Scot PR for the review copy.

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