The Girl Who Stole the Stars

Corrina Campbell

Little Door Books – Published 8th October 2020

A heart-warming story for the festive period where little eyes and hearts sparkle with anticipation and the magic of Christmas.

The Girl Who Stole the Stars is a magical tale of a Little Girl who longs for a star of her very own. When Santa grants her Christmas wish and delivers a magical ladder, the Little Girl is able to climb up and up and up to take one beautiful star home with her – a sparkly star that shines just for her!

The Little Girl loves her star, but back down on earth, the little star doesn’t seem happy and doesn’t shine so brightly anymore.

Perhaps her little star just needs some friends thinks the Little Girl. So she goes on stealing the stars little by little through winter, spring, summer, until in autumn there are no stars left. But nothing seems to work and her stars still seem really unhappy. Surely no-one would notice if she took the moon as well?

Even though she has all the stars AND the moon, the stars still don’t seem happy – even though the Little Girl tries her very hardest, teaching them how to sing and dance. Christmas arrives – surely this will cheer up the stars? Especially since Santa would be coming. Everybody loves Santa.

But Santa wasn’t coming because Santa couldn’t see where to go..

Realising the consequences of her actions, the Little Girl takes her magical ladder. She climbs up and up and up one last time to scatter the stars across the sky as Santa flies up and up and up into the night. Has she done enough to put the sparkle back into Christmas?

Young children will love joining in with the repeated refrain She climbed up and up and up. I can just see us pretending to climb our imaginary, magical ladders each time with some actions in our nursery and reception classes!

Each time the refrain appears in the book, so does the image of the tree and the beautiful watercolours change so the tree matches the seasons. The background of these pages is deliberately kept white, a great contrast to the rich, deep blue tones of the night sky on other pages, that make the stars really sparkle.

This book captures the innocence of childhood so beautifully – wanting a special gift so badly for Christmas, the magic of Santa, of wishes being granted and presents delivered. Equally, when young children want something, they are unable to see why they shouldn’t just take it and understand the effect it will have on others. This book prompts the opportunity for some lovey discussion about the consequences of taking everything for yourself and illustrates how sharing with others allows everyone to experience enjoyment. The ability to share (or not!) is a skill that toddlers and pre-school children are practising daily and this story supports the theme wonderfully.

I can see this book becoming a firm festive favourite, for Christmas bed-time stories and seasonal story times in infant classes. A beautiful message portrayed through stunning illustrations – The Girl Who Stole The Stars delivers some much needed magic and sparkle this Christmas.

Thank you to Little Door Books for sending me a copy of this wonderful book to review ahead of the festive period.

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