This Love

‘It doesn’t matter who we are,
Join hands & stand up tall.

Love is a special language
That’s understood by all.’

I am literally in love with this gorgeous book!

This Love is a celebration of harmony around the world. It shows children that it doesn’t matter who you are, or where you’re from, love is a language spoken & shared everywhere.

The vibrant images beam out from every page & take young readers on a journey across the globe, to see children of different countries & continents enjoying the things that children love to do best: splashing in puddles, listening to stories & playing in snow & on the beach.

Diverse family dynamics are represented & whether it’s sharing a special moment with one parent, two dads, two mums or a grandparent, This Love ensures that all children feel included & able to see themselves somewhere in the story.

The gentle, rhyming text is soothing & heartfelt & the striking die cut rainbow that cleverly transforms throughout the book & becomes a feature of each illustration will fascinate little ones.

One of my New Year’s resolutions as a reader, is to ensure my family & classroom book collections are as diverse & representative as possible & This Love is a wonderful addition.

With thanks to the Little Tiger group for sending me a copy of this wonderful book to review in advance of publication.

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