Love Makes a Family

Sophie Beer

Published by Little Tiger – 7th January 2021

‘Whether you have two mums, two dads, one parent or one of each, there’s one thing that makes a family…

and that’s LOVE’

Love is all around us in the ordinary magic of everyday family life. It’s those special moments we so often take for granted; reading one more story, washing away the day at bath-time and that last kiss before bed. But for children, these are the times that are memorable… that mean the most.

Love Makes a Family celebrates the wonder of family life. The little things we do that show our children just how much we love them, is depicted in delightful, diverse illustrations.

Sophie’s illustrations are a carnival of colour and the vibrancy of the images that leap off the pages. Representative and relevant, children will recognise themselves and their loved-ones in this book and enjoy seeing the families enjoying the same everyday activities as them. Parents’ hearts will also swell, reflecting on the treasured memories being made.

Love is… knowing where everything is.

This made me smile – at times it feels as if I am the only person in our house who knows where anything is! I can send my 8 year old son upstairs to collect an item of clothing I have laid out on his bed and he will literally come straight back down and tell me he can’t find it!

I asked my children to finish the sentence love is…

My son said:

“Love is…making my favourite foods.”

(Everything revolves around food in our house!)

My daughter, 5 years said:

“Love is…helping me make things.”

This beautiful little board book shows young children that being a family is being part of something wonderful.

With thanks to Sophie Beer and Little Tiger Books for providing me with a copy of the book to review in advance of publication.

Love is…

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