The Shark Caller

Zilla Bethell Usborne Books – Published 4th February 2021 I finished The Shark Caller on New Year’s Day and only hours into 2021, I think I may have found one of my favourite books of the year! Atmospheric, captivating and deeply moving, The Shark Caller is difficult to put down once started and difficult toContinue reading “The Shark Caller”

The Hungry Ghost

H.S. Norup Pushkin Press – 24th September 2020 ‘What could be worse than dying and no-one remembering you existed?” The Hungry Ghost is a tale of two forgotten lives; of memories locked away and finding the key to unlock peace. This really is an atmospheric read – an absolute feast for the senses. I wasContinue reading “The Hungry Ghost”

When Life Gives You Mangoes

Kereen Getten Puskin Press – 1st October When Life Gives You Mangoes’ is story about a long, hot summer on a tropical island, going on adventures, falling out, and making friends. However…all is not as it seems.  Twelve-year-old Clara lives on a Caribbean island in a village called ‘Sycamore’.’ She spends her time playing ‘PickContinue reading “When Life Gives You Mangoes”

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