If You See A Lion

Written by Karl Newson Illustrated by Andrea Stegmaier Quarto Publishing Group – Words & Pictures Published 18th August 2020 Once upon a time, there was a story in this book… But a lion ate it all. This is the humorous story of a lion who prides himself on being ‘king’ and living up to typicalContinue reading “If You See A Lion”

The Whales on the Bus

Katrina Charman & Nick Sharratt Bloomsbury – 6th August 2020 Cranes on trains? Goats on boats? Dragons on wagons? After the successes of ‘Go, Go Pirate Boat’ and ‘Car, Car, Truck, Jeep’ Katrina Charman and Nick Sharratt have brought us another lovely collaboration, this time re-working the time-honoured classic of ‘The Wheels on the Bus.’Continue reading “The Whales on the Bus”

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