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Sir Lambalot

Jude Lennon Illustrated by Holly Bushnell The Knightiest Knight you’ll ever find! Sir Lambalot is a terrific twist on all those well-loved traditional tales – giants, trolls & dragons are seriously misunderstood don’t you know! We’re all led to believe they’re fierce and no good, but in actual fact, these lonely creatures just want friendsContinue reading “Sir Lambalot”


A Sciencey, Rhymey Guide to Rainbows Written by Billy Dunne & Illustrated by Rhys Jefferys Published by Maverick Books – 28th October 2020 A daddy and daughter duo delve into the science behind how Rainbows are made in this delightful book of discovery. Every parent, carer and grandparent can identify with the relentless deluge ofContinue reading “Why?”

The Littlest Yak

Written by Lu Fraser & Illustrated by Kate Hindley “As sure as the stars in the glittering sky, You’ll be all grown-up in the blink of an eye.” A fantastic new picture book is clip-clopping its way to a bookshop near you in the form of Gertie…the littlest yak of all. This rhyming tale ofContinue reading “The Littlest Yak”

The World Made a Rainbow

Written by Michelle Robinson & Illustrated by Emily Hamilton Published by Bloomsbury – 17th September 2020 “All of the world had to stay home today. I wished that it didn’t I wanted to play.” Rainbows have represented a universal symbol of hope during the global pandemic and making a rainbow and displaying it in theirContinue reading “The World Made a Rainbow”

The Book of Selkie: A Paper Doll Book

By Briana Corr Scott Nimbus Publishing – June 2020 This is beautifully illustrated, lyrical book explores the mythical world of a selkie. I haven’t seen a paper doll book for years, so it was wonderful to see this concept being used again. I remember having a couple of paper doll books as a child andContinue reading “The Book of Selkie: A Paper Doll Book”