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Secrets Set in Stone by James Haddell, published by Emira Press

We have a trilogy! I’ve been highly anticipating the third book in James Haddell’s Tales of Truth and Treasures series and after reading, I’m now desperate for book 4! Once again, the pages are literally packed with history, mystery, magic and adventure and there’s excitement and suspense around every corner. Prepare to be caught upContinue reading “Secrets Set in Stone by James Haddell, published by Emira Press”

The Secret of the Treasure Keepers

A.M.Howell I am really rather partial to Middle Grade World War 2 stories. There’s just something about the era that never fails to captivate me, perhaps because it’s a time that belonged to my beloved grandparents. The Valley of Lost Secrets, Midnight Guardians and When the Sky Falls are some of my very favourite booksContinue reading “The Secret of the Treasure Keepers”