The Shark Caller

Zilla Bethell Usborne Books – Published 4th February 2021 I finished The Shark Caller on New Year’s Day and only hours into 2021, I think I may have found one of my favourite books of the year! Atmospheric, captivating and deeply moving, The Shark Caller is difficult to put down once started and difficult toContinue reading “The Shark Caller”

When We Got Lost in Dreamland

Ross Welfrod Harper Collins Childrens Books – Published 21st January 2021 Don’t you just love it when you can control a dream…when you know you’re dreaming & you choose where to take it… Dared by class-mate Kez Becker, 12 year old Malky sneaks into a garden shed & takes the first thing he finds; aContinue reading “When We Got Lost in Dreamland”

Front Desk

Kelly Yang Knights Of – published January 7th 2021 A truly remarkable and uplifting story of an exceptional little girl who never gives up, despite the harsh realities of immigration and poverty. Ten year old Mia Tang and her parents arrive in America with only $200 in their pocket. They immigrated from China in searchContinue reading “Front Desk”

Boy Everywhere

A.M. Dassu ‘How far would you go to get back home?‘ Old Barn Books – Published 22nd October 2020 Unapologetically harrowing, yet heartfelt and full of hope…it’s really hard to find the right words to review Boy Everywhere in order to do it justice. It was not easy to read yet, it was so compellingContinue reading “Boy Everywhere”

Otters’ Moon

Susanna Bailey Egmont Books – Published 29th October 2020 ‘Sometimes you can find a friend in the loneliest of places’ Luke is in a truly lonely place. His mum has packed them off to spend the summer holidays on a remote Scottish Island where the locals are anything but friendly. His dad has left andContinue reading “Otters’ Moon”

The Midnight Guardians

Ross Montgomery Walker Books – Published 5th November 2020 ‘Sometimes at the darkest hour, hope shines the brightest’ This is such a special book, definitely one of my most favourites I have read this year. I finished reading The Midnight Guardians last weekend and it’s had such an effect on me, I’ve kept finding myselfContinue reading “The Midnight Guardians”

The Ghost of Gosswater

Lucy Strange Published by Chicken House Books – 1st October 2020 Sometimes you just know a book is going to be a perfect match for you and from the moment I read the synopsis of The Ghost of Gosswater I knew I had to read it… “It looks like the shimmer of starlight on theContinue reading “The Ghost of Gosswater”

Bauble, Me and the Family Tree

Jenny Moore Maverick Publishing – September 28th 2020 Holey penguin pants! This is an absolutely fantastic book! Brilliantly bonkers and packed full of laugh-out-loud moments but yet heartfelt and sincere, Bauble, Me and the Family Tree celebrates the intricacies and diversity of family life. Fans of Jenny Pearson’s ‘The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates’Continue reading “Bauble, Me and the Family Tree”


Fairytales Gone Bad Written by Joseph Coelho & Illustrated by Freya Hartas Published by Walker books – 3rd September 2020 Zombierella is the first in a deliciously dark, three part series of twisted classics. I gasped, grimaced and gagged my way through the rotten tale of Zombierella and when I wasn’t doing one of theContinue reading “Zombierella:”

The Haunting of Aveline Jones

Phil Hickes Usborne – Published 17th September 2020 “Malmouth appeared to have all the right ingredients for a Haunting. Stormy weather. Old houses. The eerie grey swell of the sea. But, most of all, that uncanny emptiness that ghosts like best.” I devoured The Haunting of Aveline Jones in a matter of hours. It’s thrilling,Continue reading “The Haunting of Aveline Jones”

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