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The 12 Days of Christmas Blog Tour – a celebration of festive stories

Temperatures have plummeted these last few days and with some places receiving a covering of snow, I couldn’t think of a more apt story to choose for my stop on the 12th day of what has been a fantastically festive blog tour.

Whilst there are many feel good festive reads out there, you can’t beat a thriller to get pulses racing. And what could be better than dashing through the snow and furiously turning the pages of the latest trademark Hitchcock Whodunit – Fleur really is the Queen of Middle Grade Murder Mystery.

Bodies, baddies, bitterly cold weather and a tangled web of lies and deception to unravel – once I started reading, this was absolutely impossible to put down.

When Lucas and Ruby find an abandoned trunk in a layby covered in snow, Lucas says there’s bound to be a body inside. Ruby laughs but what if he’s right? Nervously she starts to open it, and immediately wishes she hadn’t…

The step-siblings uncover the identity of the deceased and a small object Ruby recovered from the layby – initially dismissed by the police – reveals its significance. As the teens get closer to solving the mystery, the murderer is skating on thin ice. Determined to silence them, a perilous chain of events occur, all under the cover of heavy snowfall – but can it smother the truth…?

This is the perfect read to cosy up with when it’s feeling frosty outside. There’s a grand winter wedding ceremony, a Christmas Market with twinkling lights and hot chocolate a-plenty! In her signature style, Fleur throws more than a red herring or two that will keep you guessing right until the final chapter – it’s so thrilling!


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