The Forgotten Crown

A Tales of Truth & Treasures Story

James Haddell

The wait is over! More myth, magic and mystery awaits in the second fast-paced instalment of the highly acclaimed Tales of Truth & Treasures Series.

It’s almost a year to the date that I posted about the amazing first book in the series The Lost Child’s Quest and if you’ve not had a chance to read it yet, you absolutely must!

My review of book 1 can be found here to give you a flavour of where the gripping adventures began…

Being back with Tia, best friend Pasco and the Trevelyan family was like being back with old friends. Six months have passed and Tia has really settled into life with her adoptive family, yet she still yearns for answers about her birth parents.

The time is now at hand for the Hallows of Arthur to be gathered. For unity not division; for love not war; for creation not destruction; for grace not law.”

Tia’s quest to uncover the secrets of her mysterious past and her connection to a magical hoard of treasure is back on. Beginning at the Tower of London and ending among the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, Tia unearths more than she bargained for.

With the help of bookworm and research-mad Pasco and her larger-than-life sister Meghan she learns more about the circumstances that led to her being left on the doorstep of a children’s home as a baby, and discovers she may be connected to a fascinating medieval treasure that has all but been forgotten.

The trio must make sense of ancient Arthurian Legend to find the answers they seek. With the mystery of an unsolved murder bubbling away, magical objects, maps, crypts and secret tunnels the pages are packed with thrills and shocking revelations.

Twists and turns kept me turning the pages compulsively and James’ skilfull weaving of a tangled web of characters kept me guessing throughout as to their connections and motives. Not everyone is who they seem and a ‘blast from the past’ made me gasp!

Once again, the historical and archaeological angles of the story were really intriguing and had me googling and researching in the way that the characters do in the story. As with book 1, James has included historical notes and chapter-by-chapter activities to inspire young treasure hunters with a thirst for knowledge.

I’m absolutely on the edge of my seat to find out where the next adventure takes Tia and to learn what she discovers about herself next – I’m not sure I can contain the excitement for another whole year!

The Forgotten Crown publishes on the 2nd December. Both books can be bought from the Emira Press website here

Until December 2nd, The Lost Child’s Quest is on offer and both books will be signed if ordered through Emira Press – postage is free!

With thanks to James and Emira Press for the advance copy of this wonderful book and inviting me to be part of the tour.

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