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The Ship of Shadows ~ Secrets of the Stars ~

Maria Kuzniar

It’s never a good idea to disturb a reader…”

…especially not when they’ve got coffee and cake too!

What can I say, I absolutely love my food! Pain Au Chocolate…Lemon Drizzle Cake…Coffee & Walnut Cake…baked goods and laté are life! What could be more magical than food?

“Frances spread her arms wide. ‘What could be more magical than food?’ She stepped aside to reveal a cupboard crammed with cake, biscuits and more treats than Aleja had ever seen in one place.

I absolutely adored Secrets of the Stars this summer (and not just for the mouth-watering references to food throughout the story!) There’s puzzles, peril and cake a plenty in the second thrilling adventure for the legendary crew of the Ship of Shadows.

Climbing back aboard for the second adventure in the series felt like coming home to good friends. Captain Quint’s all-girl pirate crew continue to search for the missing pieces of the lost map, racing against their sworn enemy The Fury: infamous pirate hunter and stealer of shadows.

They begin a desperate voyage half-way across the world (look on the gorgeous cover for clues as to the ship’s destination) and protagonist Aleja must work hard to solve riddles and unlock the ship’s secrets before time runs out.

This is adventure pirate-style at it’s swash- buckling best! Think Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom meets Black Pearl…there’s secret messages, underwater temples, concealed gold…cutlass clanging, sword slashing and enough rum (and cake) to sink a ship!

Griddle cakes, honey glazed pastries, baklava, cheesecake and much more – without Ermtgen, the ship’s cook, the crew wouldn’t be able to tuck into any of these tasty treats while they’re on their expeditions! She might force feed the crew oranges to make sure nobody gets scurvy, but rest assured, there’s plenty of cake to go around afterwards!

“Ermtgen had returned to her stove and was busy frying up stacks and stacks of hot griddle cakes. Frances was first in line, her plate already mountained with griddle cakes and scattered with sugar.’

It’s hard to choose a favourite character from this feisty and fearless group of females, but Frances is a girl after my own heart when it comes to food – she literally goes nowhere without cake…NOWHERE!

“I thought we’d get some swimming practice in this morning!’ Frances said, almost bouncing around as much as claws. ‘I brought cake.’ She showed an oilcloth-wrapped bundle. ‘And it’s waterproof!”

I love Maria Kuzniar’s nods to her own love of reading throughout these two stories “you’re never alone when you have a book” and I need the next book now! I hope it’s not too long a wait before The Ship of Shadows weighs anchor and sets sail again. Follow Maria on Instagram @cosyreads for dreamy luxury hot chocolate and book pics -yum!

(I’m absolutely dying to read Midnight in Everwood Maria’s #12 Sunday Times Best Seller)

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2 thoughts on “Scrumptious Stories Blog Tour

  1. The food, cakes on particular, in Ship of Shadows is always mouth-watering, I definitely share Frances’ sweet tooth too!
    I’m just about to start Midnight in Everwood and I’m really looking forward to it!

    Liked by 1 person

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