Little Horror

Daniel Peak

A tiny terror goes on the run in this hilarious, laugh-out-loud, action-packed adventure. Think Look Who’s Talking meets Rugrats with it’s own highly original spin. I seriously couldn’t put this down and romped through it in one sitting! It’s pure comedy gold combined with a gripping quest to defeat an evil conspiracy and a crazed genius villain. All told through the eyes of our feisty fugitive, 2 year old Rita…

Rita Jeffrey is no ordinary toddler. She posseses super intelligence, teaching herself to read and write before she was one and absorbing endless knowledge from documentaries when her parents aren’t paying attention. She’s a teenager trapped in a 2 year old’s body; her sass knows no bounds and she got attitude in spades. No-one knows Rita’s secret and she’s content with living her best toddler life, visiting parks and play gyms until a sinister clown visits her nursery…

It seems someone does know about her abilities and is determined to capture her. When an evil ice cream van pays her house a visit in the middle of the night and her parents disappear, it’s clear Rita is being hunted down. She’s forced to go on the run, with only the sleepsuit on her back and her trusty teddy ‘Other Rabbit’ for company.

Rita’s resourceful, self-assured and ingenious and the scrapes she gets herself into along the way are side-splittingly superb. Breaking and entering (through a catflap) vehicle theft (if you count mobility scooters) outfit changes from washing lines and hiding-out in Wendy Houses and soft- play centres to give you a flavour. She’s forced to forage for whatever food supplies she can get her mits on and that includes raiding the confectionary section of the local big Tesco – don’t try this at home kids! Her dry wit and cheeky narration are brilliantly bonkers and the constant threat of kidnap and the frantic, Haribo-induced pace will keep you compulsively turning the pages.

Through bribery and corruption, Rita recruits an unlikely sidekick in the form of reluctant, moody teen and former baby-sitter James. Together, they work together to overturn evil mastermind and mad scientist Mr Close, who is plotting to take over the world by erasing childhood.

Rita discovers there are in fact ‘others’ like her and the band of terrible twos lead her to an abandoned holiday village, where The Demon Headmaster-like baddie is hiding-out and concealing kidnapped children in the lodges. The plot reaches fever pitch at the Forest Shades resort. Will Rita be able to defeat the bad guy, save her parents and ultimately the world?

Little Horror is a must read for fans of Maz Evans and Jenny Pearson and will entertain adults and children alike – I was hooked from the very first page and I’m sure you will be too.

Read the first Chapter here

About the Author

Daniel Peak is a BAFTA, RTS and International Emmy Award-winning TV scriptwriter. He is one of the lead writers on the CBBC show Horrible Histories, and co-writer of Lee Macks BBC1 comedy Not Going Out. His new police comedy, Code: 404 – starring Daniel Mays and Stephen Graham – is Skys most binge-watched comedy series ever, and a second series has just been commissioned. He currently lives near Manchester

Little Horror was published by Firefly Press on 30th September.

Huge thanks to Firefly Press for sending me a proof copy and inviting me to be part of the blog tour.

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