Kitty & the Starlight Song

Written by Paula Harrison & Illustrated by Jenny Løvlie

Girl by day. Cat by night. Ready for adventure.

We are super excited to be joining the blog tour for the eighth book in the fur-midable Kitty series Kitty and the Starlight Song. Now if you haven’t yet met junior superhero Kitty and her cat crew, please don’t get your tail in a twist; each of these lovely books can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story.

Kitty is an ordinary little girl by day, but by the light of the moon she enjoys magical adventures. Her cat-like superpowers, enable her to scamper across the city skyline with her feline friends. There’s no enemy too big or problem too small for Kitty and her gang of marvellous moggies.

In this cat-tastic tale, Kitty’s feline friend Figaro is hurt as he tries to help her stop a jewel thief, so Kitty organises a paw-some birthday party to cheer him up – his pride is seriously hurt at having to wear a ghastly plastic collar from the vet! Kitty and loyal cat companion Pumpkin collect tasty cat treats and round up all the cats in the neighbourhood to create sweet mew-sic and a night to remember for their friend.

Kitty also has her own struggle to overcome and the book has lovely messages about not letting fear hold you back, you’re braver than you think.

My daughter ‘S’ has just moved into Year 2 and Kitty is right up her street. At just over 100 pages, Kitty and the Starlight Song is super-readable for S who is newly confident and still building her reading stamina. The size of the book is ideal for her little hands too – purrrrfect!

Jenny Løvlie’s illustrations are simply gorgeous, my daughter couldn’t take her eyes off them and there were long pauses during reading as she stopped to take in all the details.

For me, Oxford Children’s has always been a much loved and trusted publisher and they have produced a range of exciting educational activities to accompany the book and take your child’s adventures in reading further. These can be enjoyed at either home or school – brilliant for busy parents and teachers!

So you have a child in Key Stage 1 or lower Key Stage 2, either at home or in class who loves animal stories and beautifully illustrated adventures, Kitty and the Starlight Song is the cat’s whiskers!

My thanks to Liz Scott and Oxford University Press (Oxford Children’s) for inviting me to join the blog tour. We feel so fur-tunate to have discovered Kitty and we’ll definitely be accompanying her on more adventures.

Be sure to check out the other brilliant blogs on the tour.

6 thoughts on “Kitty & the Starlight Song

  1. Oh, sorry, just spotted typo or autocorrect, should be Clarice Bean by Lauren Child. There are 3 chapter books & they lead on to the Ruby Redfort series which my now teen still says are among her favourite ever books!


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