A Dinosaur Ate My Sister

Pooja Puri

Illustrated by Allen Fatimaharan

A ROAR-some romp through time and space with hijinks and hilarity galore! Ingenious inventions, dinosaur poo on a colossal scale and a hint of ‘drongness’ it’s an action-packed, expertly drawn adventure.

Esha Verma, her snotty apprentice Broccoli and his cunning pet tortoise have a dream. They are going to win the legendary Brain Trophy – the ultimate inventing prize. This year’s entry: A TIME MACHINE.

But the day before the competition, Esha’s IGNORAMUS big sister hijacks the time machine and is lost in the Cretaceous age.

With help from a new recruit for The Office of Time, Esha and Broccoli will have to face hungry dinosaurs, mysterious black holes and malfunctioning inventions to get them back in time – it’s a pre-historic rescue mission of epic proportions!

Children will find the lively layout of this book irresistible! Presented as pages of Esha’s Journal of Adventioning (her inventioning and the adventures that come after) the bold text, arrows, speech bubbles, crossings out and doodles make it such a fun, engaging read. Allen Fatimaharan’s illustrations make Esha and her crew literally leap off the page and make the story super readable!

With the foreword by Marcus Rashford and Pooja’s witty style, this is going to be a insanely popular book choice for children this summer.

Click to read a sample of the book here

A Dinosaur Ate My Sister is the first book selected in the Marcus Rashford Book Club, which is in partnership with children’s food charity Magic Breakfast. It will reach children in over 850 primary schools across England and Scotland.

To find out more about Magic Breakfast and the Marcus Rashford Book Club, click here

A Dinosaur Ate My Sister was published on the 24th June by Macmillan Children’s Books.

With thanks to Macmillan Children’s books for an advance copy of the book and inviting me to be part of the blog tour.

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