What’s in your Heart Today?

Written by Louise Bladen

Illustrated by Angela Perrini

Listen to your heart, what does it say? Are there secret cares dancing a twirly ballet? Are they warm and kind like a big happy bubble…or heavy and sad and in need of a cuddle?

This lovely book is a wonderful window into our hearts and minds. It enables children to explore their emotions through familiar everyday situations that evoke strong feelings such as anger, fear and disappointment. Children will be able to identify with how they would feel after that argument with a friend over a ball at playtime, how it feels to not get their turn on the play equipment or to come last in a race.

Through simple visualisation and meditation techniques, the book encourages children to find inner warmth and peace to resolve personal conflict and find forgiveness.

Each day on the blog tour we explore a different emotion depicted in the book and today we shine a light on anger.

Children need to know that anger is a normal and useful emotion that can tell them when things are not fair or right.

With very young children try drawing it – red is an excellent colour for depicting anger – it could be a volcano erupting.Shake up a bottle of pop and watch it it bubble up.

Help children spot the changes to their bodies when they are angry. Their heart might beat faster, they might notice their muscles tense or clench their teeth or fists.

In calm moments, try to talk to children about their anger – can they say what makes them angry? Teaching children to recognise triggers is important so that they know when to use strategies for managing anger.

What’s in you Heart Today encourages children to use deep breathing and if they like, sit quietly and close their eyes in a calm space. This could be done with a trusted adult. Other strategies that might help could be counting to 10 or walking away from a situation.

I’m a firm believer that how we as adults respond to anger in turn influences how children manager their anger so it’s important to remain calm, give children space and remain positive.

So how are we feeling, have you listened to your heart today?

What’s in your Heart Today? Is available now courtesy of Little Steps Publishing.

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