The Misadventures of Nicholas Nabb

Jenny Moore

Oliver Twist meets The Greatest Showman…

I absolutely adored Bauble, Me & the Family Tree by Jenny Moore (if you haven’t read it you really should!) so I was super excited to read The Misadventures of Nicholas Nabb.

There’s villanous Victorians, all the fun of the fair, magic shows, sewer rats and generous helpings of mutton and eel pie!

Orphan Nicholas Nabb has been living in the sewers since he escaped from a harsh life of cruelty at the orphanage. He’s a proper urchin. Ducking and diving in the shadows and back alleys – our Nick could show the Artful Dodger a thing or two.

That’s until a botched bread roll robbery spells trouble for the stinky sewer scamp and it looks like there’s no escaping long arm of the law.

But when a mysterious veiled widow, Annie, steps in to save him, it looks like his luck might finally be changing. Only Annie vanishes before they can become properly acquainted, leaving Nick with nothing but questions.

Who is the lady behind the black veil? Why does she have a baby photo of him inside her locket? And, most importantly of all, where is she now? Nick will stop at nothing to find out.

Jenny Moore balances dark themes of cruelty and exploitation with her trademark humour and Nick’s exploits and cheeky wit will have you chuckling away.

I don’t want to risk spoiling some of the big reveals in the book but you can look forward to hapless coppers Chalk and Cheeves, fortune teller Madame Mystica, and Nick’s unlikely sidekick who is also harbouring a huge secret of their own. Mrs Grubson’s Pastry Pie Emporium is absolutely epic – guaranteed to get your mouth watering!

There’s so many twists, turns and seriously close shaves along the way whilst a major mystery is unravelled. Will Nicholas ever find out the truth about his past?

Want to read more?

If that’s whetted your appetite (and not just the pies!) why not read the first chapter of Nicholas Nabb here

The Misadventures of Nicholas Nabb is out in the UK on the 28th May.

Pre-order here

With thanks to Kate at Maverick Books for sending me an advance copy.

Also by Jenny Moore…

Did I mention just how much I love Bauble, Me & the Family Tree? Blistering banana skins, I can’t recommend it enough!

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