Skin Taker

Michelle Paver

‘The answer lies in the jaws of a wolf’

Allow yourself to be transported back to the Stone Age for a truly atmosperic, utterly absorbing adventure. I was completely immersed from cover to cover in a kingdom of ancient clans, demons, wolves and bears – Skin Taker is pure escapism at it’s best!

The world-building in this book is absolutely breathtaking. The elements are harnessed and earth, wind, fire and water, together with a forest setting like no other evoke rich descriptions on an epic scale. The wild is ever-present and Michelle Paver’s love of the natural world is abundantly clear. Her meticulous research of real hunter-gathering cultures make the customs and beliefs of our hero and heroine hunter-gatherers Torak and Renn so authentic.

In the Dark Time of Midwinter, disaster strikes the forest. Chaos rules. Bears woken from their dens prowl the shadowy valleys. Desperate clans battle for survival. Only demons thrive. With their world in turmoil, Torak, Renn and Wolf are tested as never before and as a new evil haunts the devastated land, Torak must risk his sanity, his life and even his souls to save everything he loves…

With threats wherever they turn, Torak, Renn and Wolf embark on a dangerous, magical and heart-stopping adventure that will test them like never before. Will they find ways to survive and thrive in their beloved Forest, or will evil prevail?

Skin Taker is a refreshing diversion from a technological age. The digital, commercial and often unnecessary distractions of everyday life are stripped away and we are grounded in the most primitive and basic needs of human and animal. We are taught about survival by Stone Age versions of ourselves, hunting foraging, clad in animal furs and skins with simple tools made from stone and bone.

I thoroughly enjoyed the parts of the story told through the eyes, ears and nose of a wolf, offering a unique and exciting perspective. It’s a rare treat to be able to feel so close to such majestic creatures, whilst the sense of danger and raw animal instinct is palpable.

Skin Taker is the eighth book in the best-selling series that began with Wolf Brother and like the others, it can be read as a stand-alone story – I had not had the pleasure of enjoying the previous installments but I can genuinely say a new follower has been recruited!

Michelle Paver performs the delicate balancing act of giving readers who are new to the Wolf Brother books a gripping introduction, whilst I’m sure, skillfully satisfying staunch fans of the series.

Skin Taker is sure to attract a new generation of readers like myself to the series and I am thrilled to learn that the adventure is not over yet. We can look forward to joining Torak and Renn for another highly anticipated crusade – watch this space for Wolfbane!

Wolf Brother – 2004

Spirit Walker – 2005

Soul Eater – 2006

Outcast – 2007

Oath Breaker – 2008

Ghost Hunter – 2009

Viper’s Daughter – 2020

SKIN TAKER – April 2021

Skin Taker by Michelle Paver is published 1st April 2021, published by Zephyr, an imprint of Head of Zeus, price £12.99 in hardback.

Skin Taker is also available as an audiobook, read by Sir Ian Mckellen.

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Be sure to check out the other stops on the Blog Tour in the exciting run up to publication day on the 1st April.

With thanks to Zephyr Books and ed. Public Relations for my review copy of the book and inviting me to be part of the Blog Tour.

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