Stop That Dinosaur!

Alex English & Ben Cort

Bloomsbury Children’s Books – published 4th March 2021

A rib-tickling, ROAR-SOME rhyming book!

Oh my! A dino’s at the door.
And now it’s taken Granny…


Children will love galloping through the pages after a Gran-napping Brontosaurus in this ROAR-SOME romp. The raucous repeated refrains make for a wonderfully rowdy reading experience.

A hilarious high-speed scooter chase takes us past the playground, up the high street, past a farm and through the fields to a wood – is poor Granny gone for good?

It turns out, our prehistoric pal just longs for a Gran of his own and the storytimes, snuggles and sweet treats that come with them. All’s well that ends well and there’s a heart-warming conclusion to the tale.

Dinosaurs have always been a big hit in our house and Grandmas are total legends – it’s a perfect prehistoric pairing that pre-schoolers will adore.

(P.S. the dinos are the prehistoric ones, not the Grandmas!)

With thanks to Bloomsbury Childrens Books and Kaleidoscopictours for our review copy & inviting me to be part of the book tour.

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