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Nappy the Pirate Baby

Alan Macdonald

Illustrated by Elissa Elwick

Ahoy there ship-mates! I spy a swash-buckling beauty of a book. From the author of Dirty Bertie, younger readers will delight in climbing aboard The Salty Herring for a pirate adventure like no other.

Captain Sprat and his pirate crew love nothing more than lazing about on the poop deck, until one day a strange wailing noise shatters their peace…


Is it a whale…? Is it a sea monster…? Is it a …ghost…? No…it be… a baby!

Shiver me timbers! There’s a stowaway on board and before you can say ‘Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum’ it’s all hands on deck to soothe the youngster.

It’s first-mate Nitty Nora that gets to the bottom of the problem and fashions the nipper a nappy made of sail cloth. And so it’s here that Nappy gets his name – because Nappy is the perfect name for a baby…right?

Captain Sprat is less than happy – afterall, they’re pirates not bloomin’ baby-sitters! Someone’s going to be shark bait if they don’t get this situation sorted and soon.

The hapless crew head back to port, to try to solve the mystery of their precious cargo. It turns out that a shopping basket switch has occurred – instead of potatoes, the ship’s cook Irish Stew brought a baby onboard! The dozy dogfish!

Blistering barnacles there’s no time to loose if the crew are ever to find the baby’s mother. But will they find her? Or is it a pirate’s life for Nappy?

If you’ve not discovered the Little Gems range by the brilliant Barrington Stoke, you really need to! They are so much fun and simply fantastic for bridging the tricky gap between Key Stage 1 and Lower Key Stage 2. My two scallywags (nearly 6 and 8 years) absolutely loved Nappy and Elissa Elwick’s engaging illustrations had them hooked from the very first chapter.

These titles are ideal for building enthusiasm and stamina for reading through lively, entertaining plots with enjoyment at the heart.

Before you weigh anchor…

You can the first chapter of Nappy the Pirate Baby by visiting the Barrington Stoke website here

With thanks to Barrington Stoke for our review copy of this fantastic book.

Also from the Little Gems range:

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