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My Robot’s Gone Wild!

Dave Cousins

Illustrated by Catalina Echeverri

Fancy a fast-paced adventure?

Loch-side camping, cattle-rustling and a scene with a lory hanging off a harbour wall to rival the Italian Job, My Robot’s Gone Wild is an epic finale to this series of books.

At just over 150 pages, interspersed with illustrations, this is a manageable & satisfying read for children aged 9+ – even as adult, I love novella-length books!

It’s a real ‘coming-of-age,’ ‘moving on’ story, that will appeal to children in Year 6 thinking about their transition to high school and all the changes that lie ahead.

Jake, his twin sister, best friend Ali and school-friend Ivana are spending one last summer together before ‘big school’ camping in the Scottish Wilderness. They’re pitching up at Granny Anderson’s place and Jake can’t wait to see Robin his Robot babysitter again. He’s also really looking forward to hanging out with his best mate but it would seem Ali only has eyes for Ivana now and Jake’s worried he might have lost his best bud for good.

His summer is looking lonely, but when Grannie’s Highland cattle are stolen, Jake & his friends end up having one last adventure they’ll never forget – as stow-aways in the back of a lorry!

Can their robot babysitter rescue them before they have to face the wrath of the cattle rustlers? And will Jake face his fear of water when it’s sink or swim?

If you love doing voices like me, this book would work really well as a read-aloud as Granny Anderson’s Scottish accent really comes through in the story. There’s some really appealing themes between the pages alongside the adventure, particularly Jake’s fears about high school and his best friend not needing anymore that most upper primary pupils will identify with.

I haven’t read the earlier books in the series but I thoroughly enjoyed this as a stand-alone story. I really want to go back now though & see where it all began.

Also in this series:

My Babysitter is a Robot
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A Robot Ate My Grandma

My Robot’s Gone Wild is out in the UK on 4th February.

With thanks to @littletigerbooks for my advance copy.

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