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Albert Johnson and the Buns of Steel

Phil Earle

Published by Barrington Stoke – 7th January 2021

This Little Gem of a book by Phil Earle proves that life really is what you ‘bake’ of it.

My 8yr old son absolutely loved this book – sport and baked-goods are a winning combination where he is concerned! He said the characters and story reminded him of Wallace and Gromit, ‘The Wrong Trousers.’ It was the perfect length and Steve May’s engaging illustrations kept him engaged – we ‘knead’ more books like this in our lives!

It’s a matter of loaf and death in this full-on adventure, dodging donuts & fighting off flying French sticks – and how could we forget ducking and diving the hardest dough balls known to human kind!

Phil Earle has such a witty engaging style – we still LOL about ‘Jam Grenades’

Albert Johnson’s dad is a Master Baker, so Albert will become one too right?


The problem with baking is, sport-mad Albert prefes eating it to doing it. But Albert’s dad still needs help in the family bakery, so he builds a machine like no other – the Doughmaster 5000.

The Doughmaster produces the most delicious baked goods – it really is a ‘batch made in heaven.’ But you can’t have your cake & eat it and one night, the Doughmaster turns into a rampaging robotic disaster.

It’s up to Albert to fix the mess – can his sporting skills save him now?

The Barrington Stoke range are firm favourites in our house. The novella length of under 100 pages, with a dyslexia-friendly format, make engaging young readers like my son a piece of cake.

I will definitely be investing in more titles in the Little Gems range, both for both our home and school collections.

With thanks to Barrington Stoke for providing me and my little bookworm with a copy of the book to review in advance of publication.

To read the first chapter of Albert Johnson & the Buns of Steel & purchase a copy, visit Barrington Stoke’s website here

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