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Midnight Magic

Written by Michelle Harrison & Illustrated by Elissa Elwick

Published by Little Tiger – 1st October 2020

Hubble bubble, this cat’s trouble!

Halloween is on the horizon and flying (on a broomstick) to a bookshop near you is Midnight, a magical black cat. This is a purrrrrr-fectly poetic non-scary, rhyming read for 5-8 year olds.

Black cats born at midnight are different indeed,

A mischievous, odd and peculiar breed.

One frosty evening, a tabby cat gives birth in a barn to two furry bundles. The proud mother cat snuggles down in the straw with her two cute kitties Snowdrop and Foxy. Later that night (well at Midnight to be precise) a third beautiful black kitten is born. But this feisty feline is nothing like her demure siblings. She’s smart, sneaky, rascally and cheeky and whilst her brother and sister are chasing their tails and learning to hunt, Midnight practises broomstick stunts! Mother cat is less than enchanted by Midnight’s mischievousness. Realising that she’ll soon land them in trouble, mother cat ups and leaves with Snowdrop and Foxy, abandoning Midnight in the barn.

But our magical moggy is not alone for long. She teams up with the trusty barn broom, (affectionately known as ‘Twiggy’) and the two fly through the countryside looking for a place to call home. A little girl called Trixie spots them whilst playing in her garden and she is instantly smitten with the magical kitten, much to her dad’s dismay.

Trixie is soon mesmerized by Midnight’s magic and mischief and the new friends enjoy all sorts of enchanting experiences together. There’s hubble, bubble bath-time bubble trouble, magic carpet rides, flashy castles and a Nan that turns out to be pro-broomstick rider!

The black and white illustrations, enhanced with deep magentas and rich purples are entertaining and eye-catching. I always associate purple with magic – the colour of wizard’s hats and capes, spells and sorcery.

This book was made to be read aloud. The verses flow seamlessly and the word choices are so natural – it was really soothing to read. My little girl (aged 5) absolutely loved listening to the story. You know a book is a hit when you get to the end and you’re immediately met with ‘read it again!’ She adored the beginning when the kittens were born (baby animals are always a big hit) and the carpet ride.

I am really looking forward to more books in this series. First chapter books such as these are an important bridge from picture books and early readers, building stamina and undepence. This books fills the gap purrrrfectly!

With thanks to Little Tiger Press for sending me a copy of the book to review in advance of publication.

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