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The Hungry Ghost

Primary Teacher Bookshelf

H.S. Norup

Pushkin Press – 24th September 2020

‘What could be worse than dying and no-one remembering you existed?”

The Hungry Ghost is a tale of two forgotten lives; of memories locked away and finding the key to unlock peace.

This really is an atmospheric read – an absolute feast for the senses. I was transported to Singapore where I inhaled the peachy aroma of Frangipani trees and the sweet smell of night flowers heavy in the air, breathed in the bonfire smoke and incense and felt the humid heat of the rainforest. I became totally immersed in the culture and savoured the foods and Feng Shui. H S Norup’s personal experience of living in the far east makes the Oriental setting totally authentic and believable.

Freija arrives in Singapore to live with her father, stepmother and their two twin boys. It’s the month of the ‘Hungry Ghost Festival’ when…

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