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The Haunting of Aveline Jones

Primary Teacher Bookshelf

Phil Hickes

Usborne – Published 17th September 2020

“Malmouth appeared to have all the right ingredients for a Haunting. Stormy weather. Old houses. The eerie grey swell of the sea. But, most of all, that uncanny emptiness that ghosts like best.”

I devoured The Haunting of Aveline Jones in a matter of hours. It’s thrilling, mysterious and spooky and I literally could not put it down! A real page-turner!

A ghost story, an unsolved mystery coupled with an eerie seaside setting in the run up to Halloween make this the perfect Autumn read. The September publication date is timed impeccably to ensure that the atmosphere will mirror the dark, blustery autumn afternoons described in the book and the approach of All Hallows Eve. As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, this book is best enjoyed cuddled up in front of the fire as it begins to get…

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