Rain Before Rainbows

Written by Smriti Halls & Illustrated by David Lichfield

Walker Books & Save the Children

Hardcover available 1st October

Rainbows have become a universal symbol of hope throughout these strange and frightening times and the stunningly beautiful illustrations and tremendously encouraging messages in this book truly moved me. I had goosebumps and a lump formed in my throat the further on I read.

After a devastating fire breaks out in a magical castle, a girl and her fox companion are forced to flee their home in a terrible storm. Overwhelmed with sadness and despair, the two friends set out on a long and treacherous journey. Along the way, they encounter mountains to climb, battles to win and have to face difficult decisions. But they have each other and they find their way out of the darkness, into the light of the rainbow. The story is narrated through a simple but beautiful rhyming structure that is lyrical and song-like.

This is not just another book about the global pandemic, this is a positive message of hope for anyone who’s ever been through or is going through a difficult time in their life. ‘Rain Before Rainbows’ could be enjoyed by every phase in school and would be perfect for a whole school text, assemblies or PSHCE lessons.

During the challenging times in our lives, this book teaches us to weather the storm, follow our dreams, reach out to friends and a brighter day will be around the corner.

Rain before rainbows. Clouds before sun.

Night before daybreak. A new day’s begun.

You can download a PDF file of the book here:


From the author –
Life is never pure sunshine, but when I wrote this book I really didn’t envisage the clouds that would
darken our skies the world over. We have all had to embark on a journey we didn’t expect, facing
difficulty and danger, often separated from friends and loved ones. We may feel alone. But we are not.
There may be rain.
But there are rainbows.

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