Snooze: Helpful Tips For Sleepy Owls

Written & Illustrated by Eilidh Muldoon

Published by Little Door Books – 14th August 2020

Feeling tired after a busy day? But you can’t sleep?

Then Snooze is the perfect book for you!

It will explain how to get the best sleep ever.

‘Snooze’ is the delightful tale of a poor little owl who just cannot get to sleep. Being nocturnal isn’t easy and little owl’s noisy friends don’t always realise that he is trying to get to sleep. A carefully chosen band of raucous creatures, including honking geese and a crowing cockerel disturb our weary owl’s slumber and there are fantastic opportunities for little ones to join in with the animal noises. Little owl does eventually fall asleep and quicker than you can say ‘TWIT TWOO’ it’s his snoring keeping the others awake!

I have been through sleep-deprived stages with my children, now 5 and 7 years old and we still have the odd night that they struggle to settle. This is such a calming and gentle book and is perfect as a bedtime read. Little eyes will definitely be closing by the end of this soothing story.

As I’m sure you’ll agree from these small samples, Eilidh Muldoon has a beautifully unique style of illustration. The emphasis on little owl’s tired eyes on the cover design was really clever and I enjoyed noticing how his eye-bags and dark circles increased in each illustration as he became more and more sleepy as the story progressed. My children noticed how tired little owl’s friends’ eyes look at the end of the book after his snoring has kept them awake – one of the animals is reading this book in the hope of picking up some advice!

In the classroom, we would make our own little ‘getting to sleep guides,’ which could be a series of simple captions for Early Years children. Key stage 1 children could write more in depth or even write an alternative version of the story, including a different nocturnal animal

After reading the book, I talked with my children about which other animals might find it difficult to sleep during the day and why. It was quite fitting that when our copy of ‘Snooze’ arrived, my husband had been working a week of night shifts! I explained to my children that their dad is like little owl in the story as he finds it really difficult to get to sleep during the day when we are all making noise in the house. We thought of noises during the day that might keep ‘night owls’ awake, like the TV, hairdryer, lawnmower, doorbell, phone ringing and of course…children!

So why not get your little owls to snuggle down with a copy of Snooze’

Ready for the

best sleep


With thanks to Little Door Books for providing me with an advance copy of this book to review.

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